Dragon X
Getting Started
Learn how to create your first ad campaign on Dragon X.


You'll need the following to get started with this guide:
  1. 1.
    A desktop computer or laptop.
  2. 2.
    A MetaMask web3 wallet.
  3. 3.
    Some ether balance (ETH).
In this guide, we will be using the MetaMask browser extension for our ethereum wallet, support for other wallets is also available.


If this is the first time you are installing or using a web3 browser-based ethereum wallet, this guide will help you understand how to get set up for the first time.
There's a growing ecosystem of decentralized Apps or "Dapps" that can be accessed and interfaced with via connecting a browser-based ethereum wallet. Also known as web3 wallet. These Dapps are at the cutting edge of blockchain technology innovation.
One popular type of dapp enables something called DeFi (decentralized finance) these DeFi platforms let you trade digital assets in a decentralized peer-to-peer manner, without any identity requirements or user accounts (you log in and use the dapp just by connecting an ethereum wallet).
Other dapp use-cases range from other types of financial services (loans and interest platforms), peer-to-peer freelance work, decentralized video-games, decentralized marketplaces and now with Dragon X, decentralized advertising.

Installing MetaMask

MetaMask is the most popular desktop browser wallet. If you've already installed a MetaMask or some other web3 wallet, you can skip this section.
Navigate to https://metamask.io/download.html to download MetaMask.
Once you've downloaded MetaMask, we'll set it up. Open the extension and click the "Get started" button to continue.

1. Open The Extension

Open the extension you installed on your browser and you'll see the MetaMask welcome screen.

2. Create An Ethereum Wallet

On this page, click the "Create a Wallet" button to create a brand new ethereum wallet.

3. Create A Password

Next, you'll need to secure your wallet with a password. Type in your password and password confirmation, agree to the terms of service and then press the "Create" button.

3. Store Your Seed Phrase

About Seed Phrases

Next, we're going to have to store our seed phrase. The seed phrase is 12 random words that when written together in the right order can be used to recover your wallet.
The seed-phrase is a backup in case you lose your device or your password, you'll be able to re-create your wallet from any device so long as you have access to it's seed phrase, you need is to either remember the seed phrase by memory or to have it written down somewhere.

Storing Your Seed Phrase

Decide how you want to store your seed phrase. You can either write it down and store it somewhere securely, or you can try to memorize it. If you memorize it you risk potentially forgetting it so we recommend writing it down on a piece of paper and leaving it somewhere secure.
Click the "Click here to reveal secret words" box to see your seed phrase. Make sure you do not reveal or save this phrase anywhere it is at risk of being compromised.
Click "Next" after you've finished storing your seed phrase.

4. Finish

Congratulations, you've now finished setting up your MetaMask wallet. You're ready to continue on to the next part of the getting started guide.

Create Your First Campaign

Now we have an ethereum wallet installed, we're ready to get started and create our first campaign.

1. Open the Dragon X App.

Navigate to the Dragon X home page at https://www.dragonx.app
Here, click the "Start" button to open the app.

2. Connect Your Wallet

Once you enter the app, you'll need to connect your wallet.
MetaMask should automatically open and ask you to connect your wallet. If your wallet isn't detected automatically, click "Exit" to navigate back to the homepage, then connect your wallet using the "Connect Wallet" button at the top right of the home page.

3. Create A New Campaign

Now that we've connected our wallet to the Dragon X app, let's create a new campaign.
Click on the "Start" button or the "Create Campaign" button to start the campaign creator wizard.

3. Fund Your Account

When you first start the campaign creation wizard for the first time, you'll be notified that a minimum DAX balance is required. To continue, you'll have to fund your wallet with DAX tokens to get started.
Click the "Buy DAX" button to buy some DAX to fund your campaign.

4. Purchase DAX Tokens

To purchase Dragon X tokens, follow the guide How to Buy Dragon X Token Guide.

5. Create Campaign

Now that we've got a DAX balance to spend, let's go ahead and create a campaign again. Press the "Create Campaign" or the "Start" button to enter the campaign creation wizard again.

6. Approve DAX

You'll have to give Dragon X permission to spend your DAX tokens, this only takes a second so simply accept the transaction on your wallet and you'll be ready to get started creating your campaign.

7. Create Your First Ad

You can see a preview of what your ad will look like in real-time at the top of the create ad section.
You can easily edit your entire campaign after it's launched, if you make a mistake or want to change something later, you can with the "Edit Campaign" wizard.
Now we're ready to go ahead and create your ad with the campaign creation wizard.
It should be pretty intuitive at this point to create an ad but if you get stuck you can refer to this guide for help.
Each ad has 4 parts to it that you can modify. These are
  1. 1.
    Theme - Can be set to be either light or dark.
  2. 2.
    Logo - A logo or image for your ad.
  3. 3.
    Text - The main ad text. Limited to 89 characters.
  4. 4.
    Click URL - The URL an advertiser is sent to when they click on your ad.

1. Choose Theme

Choose which theme you want, depending on your brand identity one may look better. You can select the theme by flicking the theme switch.
2. Upload A Logo
Click the "Choose a file" button and upload a logo image for your ad, you'll see it appear in real time on the ad preview. We recommend a simple and clean logo of your business or coin.
3. Create Ad Text
Now you'll need to write the text for your ad. You're limited to 89 characters so you'll have to try to be as enticing and informative as possible.
Hint - Ending the ad with a call to action phrase like "click to learn more" or "click to join" can help drive your engagement rate and get you more clicks.
3. Click URL
And finally, enter a click URL. This is the URL advertisers will be sent to when they click your ad, make sure to include https:// or http:// in the URL to avoid mistakes. Feel free to add UTM codes to the URL if you want to track performance using your analytics tools.

8. Targeting

Dragon X has two targeting parameters you can use to narrow down your audience, geo-targeting and web3 wallet-only targeting.
  1. 1.
    Geo targeting - Allows you to select specific countries you want your ad to show in. Your ad will not show in any countries you haven't selected.
  2. 2.
    Web3 wallet-only targeting (beta) - Allows you to exclude all users who do not have a web3 wallet on their device, so that only people with web3 wallets installed are targeted.
To enable geo-targeting, simple toggle the switch to activate the geo-targeting options. Type the countries you want to target into the search box and select them from the list.
You can remove countries you've selected by clicking on the trash can icon next to them.
Choose to either enable the require-wallet feature or keep it unchecked. We recommend keeping it unchecked for now.

9. Finish

Hint: If you want to spend all of your DAX, simply set the engagements slider to the maximum.
Finally, we need to select how many engagements we want to fund our campaign with. We can use the slider to select the number of engagements.
We'll see the total cost of the campaign in DAX. When you've selected the amount of engagements you want, lets finish up and create our campaign by pressing the "Finish" button.
Confirm the transaction with your wallet. Then, we'll have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain.
When your transaction is complete, click the "View Campaigns" button to see your newly created campaign.

Managing Campaigns

Now we'll see the campaign we just created. We can modify this campaign in several ways as needed and also view at a glance some key information, including how many impressions we've received, the number of engagements we've received and a calculated conversion %. We can also see the progress of our campaign in a progress bar to the right.

1. Editing A Campaign

If you want to change your campaign in any way, you can do so at any time via the campaign editor. Simply click the edit button which is the middle button in the right side of the campaign to enter the editor wizard.
The edit campaign wizard is identical to the create campaign wizard, you can use it to change the ad in any way and also change the targeting.

1. Pausing A Campaign

You can pause a campaign at any time by pressing the pause button next to the campaign.
Paused campaigns will not serve and so you wont be charged while your ads a

2. Deleting A Campaign

Warning! Deleting a campaign is irreversible and your DAX will not be refundable. Only delete campaigns that have finished.
To delete a campaign, you can press the trash button. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete it.


In this guide we have walked through how to set up a basic campaign using Dragon X. We hope this guide has been useful. Please do reach out if you have any questions.